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eBike FAQs

What are E-bike classes? What class of E-bikes does Biktrix sell?
What temperatures can Biktrix products handle?
Are Biktrix bikes weatherproof?
Are Biktrix bikes rust-proof?
How long does a Biktrix battery take to charge?
Do Biktrix ebikes include throttle and Pedal Assist?
Does Biktrix support regenerative braking?
Can I buy a battery for a Biktrix e-bike from other vendors?
Will I receive tools with my Biktrix purchase?
What is PAS?
Can a kid ride an E-bike?
Can I attach a trailer or child seat to my E-bike?
What is the max/ top speed on Biktrix E-bikes?
Can I charge my battery using a solar panel?
Can I charge my battery using an inverter?
Names of Bike parts/ Technical names of Bike Parts
Electronic Parts' Names on an E-bike
Can a Biktrix E-bike be ridden like a normal Bike?
What if my Battery dies Mid-way on my bike ride?
Can I use the bike only on Throttle?
Why is there a Throttle on an E-bike?
What will happen if I use the E-bike with Throttle only?
What's that ring my fork/ suspension?
Do I need to adjust my fork/ suspension?
I received a used bike, the odometer does not show zero miles.
Can the Thumb throttle be placed on the Right side?
Can 48V & 52V chargers be used interchangeably?
Can 48V & 52V Batteries be used interchangeably?
How to use/ care/ store my Battery?
How can I wash/ clean my bike?
How can I get my Biktrix eBike serviced?
Can I charge my phone or other devices while riding?
Do 52V batteries give more range than 48V?
What is Walk Assist Mode?
How to use the Chat window on the Website?
How hard it is to assemble a Biktrix bike?
What are the CANBUS and UART protocols?
What should I do on receiving my eBike?
Why I received a battery that is not fully charged/ dead?
Are Biktrix eBikes Tubeless/ Tubeless-ready?
Are Biktrix eBikes puncture resistant?
Is there an assembly manual/ instruction included with the bike?
How often do I need to service/ tune-up my eBike?
Will the cold weather during winter months effect my batteries during use or shipment?
Can I order a bike now (lock the price) and request delivery at a later date?
Does Biktrix has the same pricing online and at Showrooms?
How does the two battery system work on Biktrix DUO eBikes?
Do I need a license to ride an eBike?
Will selecting higher AH Battery give more power?
Where can I get a car hitch rack for Biktrix eBikes?
Does limiting speed due to Class 1, 2 or 3 on an eBike reduce the torque and power?
Standard vs Sinowatt & OEM Batteries
What size/ gauge spokes are on Biktrix eBikes?
Why is the light on my charger toggling/ not stable?
Are Biktrix eBike Chargers CSA, UL and FCC compliant?
What is the difference between Nominal & Peak Power on eBike motors?
Is my Battery Warranty invalid if the "Warranty Void if Removed" sticker is broken/ not present on my Battery?
Juggernaut XD FAQ
How much do Biktrix eBike Batteries weigh?
eBike Battery Recycling

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