Getting Started.

If you lose the keys to the battery lock for your Standard Dorado battery you will need to replace the lock.
You will need the following tools:

  • Small Phillips Screwdriver

  • 2.5mm Allen Key

  • 24mm Socket or Adjustable Wrench

Step 1

  1. Remove this first screw with your small Phillips screwdriver. Then slide off the cover which it was holding on - slide the cover downwards towards the motor to remove.
  2. Remove the next two screws - the top screw with the Phillips screwdriver and the lower one with the 2.5mm Allen key. 

Step 2

  1. With the screws removed slide out the Battery Lock and Mount
  2. Remove the silver lockring with the 24mm socket
  3. With the lockring removed the power connector can be removed from the old Battery Lock and Mount.

Step 3

  1. Slide your power connector into the new lock assembly
  2. Thread the silver lockring back onto the power connector to secure it to the lock assembly. Tighten by hand until unable to then use the 24mm socket to finish tightening.  

Step 4

  1. With the silver lock ring holding the power connector snugly in place with pins correctly orientated you can slide the locking assembly back into place and reinstall it back into the bike following the same steps you took for removing it.