What is Bafang's new CANBUS protocol?

CANBUS is the acronym for Controller Area Network BUS. This is one of the standard communications protocols used in many industries especially the automotive industry.

How will it affect the eBike user?

  • You cannot program your motor to tweak individual parameters.
  • You can upload a preset program file using a special BESST Tool to limit the top speed as per the regulatory requirement in your area.
  • The preset Program file is sent by BAFANG through BEB.
  • Presently only one file per customer is allowed once in a motor's lifecycle.
  • BEB will provide the article/ firmware uploading steps.
  • You need to buy the BESST Tool either from BEB or any aftermarket retailer.
  • The previous firmware cannot be re-installed.
  • BEB does not warranty motor malfunctioning/ bricking after/ during the firmware upload procedure by the end-user for any reason whatsoever.
  • Aftermarket programming for these controllers is not currently available, however, the eBike community has been working on it as seen on various conversations on www.endless-sphere.com