Bike maintenance intervals can differ depending on how often you use your bike and how hard you use it when you do. This is a guideline with intervals for medium usage – if you use your bike more frequently or in rough terrain, these services should be done sooner. If you use the bike less frequently you can delay performing these services slightly more.

We will go over “Every Ride” safety checks which will cover things you should check before every ride. Then we will go over the intervals for other more involved services.

Every Ride Safety Checks

Some parts should be checked before every ride. Once you know what to look for these steps will only take a minute but will ensure your safety while riding.

  • Check that battery is properly locked into the bike and secure and that is has enough charge for the distance you are going to ride for.
  • Ensure the seat post quick release is tight and the seat is secure
  • Make sure the front Quick Release is centred, the lever is fully closed, tightened, and not touching the fork.
  • Ensure axle nuts are tightened if your bike has a thru-axle.
  • Make sure the handlebars and the stem bolts are tight.
  • Squeeze brakes and ensure they are grabbing and functional.
  • Ensure crank arms are not wobbly, look out for loose bolts on them.
  • Check your pedals are threaded in to the crank arms and are freely rotating, watch out for stuck bearings on them. 
  • Check that brake caliper bolts are tight and secure.
  • Ensure your bike wheels are free of debris and nothing is stuck in the spokes.
  • Ensure the bike’s tires are inflated to the proper pressure for your riding – consult the guide below for lists of recommended tire pressures for your wheel size!
  • Turn on your headlights and taillights if you are going to ride in the dark or want to be more visible to others