The Kickstand Test is used to check how a bike is operating and to aid in diagnosing any common errors. Throughout the test try to listen for any abnormal sounds coming from the drivetrain and watch to make sure there are no loose parts on the bike!
Watch the attached video to see how to perform the test or read the instructions below.

Step 1

  • Ensure your battery/batteries are fully charged

  • Shift your bike to the biggest cog on the cassette/lowest gear. This should be the lowest-numbered gear on your shifter ie "Gear 1".

  • Turn on your bike and hold it like in the attached image - using the kickstand to support the bike and hold the rear wheel off of the ground. 

Step 2

  • With the rear wheel off the ground, push the throttle to its max limit.

  • Change your PAS level to the max setting.

  • With the throttle still fully pressed, start shifting your gears towards the highest gear (smallest cog), taking a pause of 5-10 seconds after each gear shift.

  • Once your chain is on the highest gear (smallest cog) keep the throttle engaged for about 15-20 seconds.

  • When done testing in the final gear release the throttle and use the brakes to stop the rear wheel. Then rest the rear wheel back on the ground.