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Choosing Accessories

There are a wide range of accessories that can be added to your e-bike to help make your ride more comfortable. 


Mirrors are a great accessory to get if you are going to be riding in traffic and want to be fully aware of your surroundings! There are two types - handlebar end mirrors and clamp-on mirrors.

Bar-end mirrors fit into the end holes on your handlebars. Biktrix offers a set that is compatible with a limited number of bike models. They are also readily available from a number of 3rd party retailers.

Clap-on mirrors will attach to any free space on the handlebars with a clamping mechanism. These are generally long and adjustable so you can set them up in many different ways!


Different grips on your bike can enhance your riding experience and comfort! Biktrix offers several more ergonomic grip options to put on your bike. If you have problems with discomfort in your hands while riding grips are the first recommended thing to switch up!


Mounts are a great way to attach additional accessories to your handlebars! Biktrix offers multiple different mounts!
  • Cell phone mounts designed to attach your cell phone to bike handlebars and be able to see it while riding.
  • Water bottle mounts to hold a water bottle on your handlebars to stay hydrated.
  • Accessory extension mounts to give you extra space to mount even more things!


Biktrix has a selection of pannier bags to use in conjunction with the integrated rear bike rack to hold more items on the bike while you are riding!


Wanting your butt to be more comfortable while riding? You can always add another saddle to your Biktrix eBike! Biktrix offers the Promend SD-560 Seat as an upgraded saddle on most bike models!