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If you are carrying a bag with you while riding or riding with some Pannier bags these are some tools that can be very useful and come in handy to perform some quick fixes while riding! With these tools with you, you can ride with some extra peace of mind!

Allen Key Multi-Tool

  • The tool you received with your bike will work fine in a pinch if you do not already own one.
  • Bonus if you have a multitool with other screw beads such as a Phillips, flathead or TORX bit. These can be great for small fixes or tightening something in a hurry!
  • If you have thru-axles for the front or rear wheels of your eBike ensure your multitool has the correctly sized head to remove them!

Small Adjustable Wrench

  • This can be used to conveniently fit differently sized nuts and bolts on your bike.
  • Can also be used to tighten other things in a pinch or an impromptu clamp!

Small Tire Pump

  • A necessity if you wind up with a flat tire while riding!
  • Great for if you need to adjust tire pressure for different conditions while riding as well! 
    • Some riding conditions can benefit from adjusting your tire pressure!