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How much air should I fill in my Tires?

Proper tire pressure is very important to getting the most from your eBike riding. This page will discuss a few things in terms of proper tire pressure for the many types of tires our bikes can come equipped with.

First things are universal for all types of tires on our bikes:

  • Check your tire pressure regularly! If you ride frequently checking once a week is a good idea - maybe even more often if you commute using your eBike!
  • Tire pressure can depend on rider weight, and consider not just yourself but the amount of cargo you are carrying as well! The general rule is the more weight you are riding with the higher on the recommended “range” you should be on.
  • The tire pressure written on the bike tire is a guideline and the max listed pressure is too high for riding purposes. You should stay within the range provided on the tire still however.
  • In wet conditions lower your tire pressure from your dry weather pressure.
  • Which surfaces you are riding on make a huge difference. The general rule is smoother surfaces need a higher tire pressure and rougher surfaces need a lower tire pressure.
  • For very low tire pressures you may need a specialized digital tire pressure gauge - these are tuned to be much more accurate at low pressures when compared to a tire pressure gauge designed for car tires.
  • Tire pressure is a personal thing - some people like their pressure a bit on the higher side and others a bit lower. Experiment within the given ranges and find out what works best for you.
  • Cold weather will impact your tire pressure. As the temperature decreases so will your tire pressure. If you store your bike inside and take it outside in the cold the tire pressure will be lower - this is normal. Simply give it a bit of a top up before you leave.