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Image Courtesy by Gren Von Doersten


Looking to carry your eBike on a vehicle-mounted hitch rack? Follow the instructions here for some tips and tricks to make sure you transport your eBikes in the best possible way.

Remove the Batteries and Accessories

Before you load your bikes onto a bike rack it is recommended you remove the battery/batteries from your bike. This is for a few purposes:

  • Reducing bike weight to ensure the rack can best support the bike - less weight is generally better!

  • Ensure the bike does not power on unexpectedly during the loading and unloading process.

As well remove any cargo-carrying accessories from the bike - these will add additional weight to the bike on the carrying device!

Protect the Battery cavity and discharge ports

It is best to use something for extra protection in the battery cavity and battery discharge ports. Some bikes, such as the Monte Capro Ultra and Monte Capro Lite have built-in battery cover plates.

For bikes that use other batteries here are some suggestions for what to use for covering and protecting these cavities:

  • Get a foam pool noodle and cut it to the length of the battery cavity. Then put it into the battery cavity!

  • Use foam packing material to fill the area.

  • Cover with a plastic bag and tape or a tarp and bungee cords.

Secure the bike

Making sure your bike is secure on the rack is very important! You want the bike to stay on the rack during transportation and not be damaged on the way to your ride!

  • Ensure you follow the rack manufacturer's instructions to properly secure your bike into the rack.

  • You may want to add an additional strap, lock, or bungee cord to ensure your bike is securely on the rack! More security is not a bad thing!

  • Lockout out your suspension fork and rear shock! This will ensure the fork does not compress when going over any bumps in the road. If the fork is compressing it may loosen the security measures you have taken.

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Cover the bike

If you are carrying the bike for long distances or through dusty, dirty terrain it may be beneficial to cover your bike up!

  • You can cover your bikes with a tarp or ATV cover to ensure they stay nice and clean while in transport.

  • Dirt and dust accumulating on the bike while it's being transported could get on the chain and braking surfaces. This can impact shifting and braking performance.

Image Courtesy by Gren Von Doersten

Driving with the bikes in mind

With the bikes loaded on the rack, your job isn't done yet! You still need to finish the job of transporting them. Here are a few tips to best drive with them!

  • Don't go over the manufacturer's recommended speed for the rack - this should be contained within the manual.

  • Take care when taking turns - take them slower than you normally would when driving without bikes!

  • Be careful when going over bumps in the road or when driving in pothole filled areas!

With all of these in mind, you can ensure your eBike is transported safely and securely to its destination!