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The bracket that is required to attach your Range Extender battery can connect to your bike with different connector ends. There are a few different types found on different Biktrix eBikes. Consult the table found here for a key and click on each type below to see images of each of them!

Connector Type
Bike Models

Type 1

Juggernaut DUO Series

🔹Juggernaut Ultra Duo 1

Type 2

Juggernaut DUO Series

🔹Ultra Duo 2 Step-Thru ONLY

🔹Ultra Duo 3

🔹Ultra Duo 4

🔹Ultra FS Pro 2/3

🔹Hub Duo

🔹FS Step Thru MTB/FAT

Type 3

Juggernaut DUO Series

🔹Classic Duo

🔹Ultra Duo 2 Step-Over Solid Colours ONLY

Type 4

🔹Skycap 2