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How to prepare your eBike for return shipment?

In the rare instance that you need to send the bike back to us please refer to the instructions here.

  • Before you start the disassembly of your bike take some good sharp pics from different angles and send them to us.

  • Pack up your bike as best as you can. You can either use the original packaging or buy them locally.

  • You can also refer to the video instruction here -

  • Once the bike is partly disassembled and packed, take some pictures of it from different angles to capture how the bike was packed and how it looked before it shipped.

  • For bigger bikes with Fat tires 26" and above ship the wheel in a separate box to avoid damage to the bike in the shipping.

  • Place extra cardboard padding on the bottom of the box where the fork would sit inside the box.

  • After the box is packed up remove all previous labels and stickers. Items under Red Box need to be removed (Ref Pic-1)


  • We would provide a Pre-paid Return label that is DDP (Deliveries Duty Paid). DO NOT USE a label other than the one provided by Biktrix.
  • Each return label provided is valid for one box. If you have multiple boxes (i.e. sending the front wheel separately), you'll need more labels. Provide Biktrix with the box's dimensions and you'll receive a return label.
  • Remove the previous papers kept inside the Label-up shown by the Green Box and put the Return Labels and Commercial Invoices inside the transparent envelope. PLEASE PUT 3 COPIES OF THE COMMERCIAL INVOICE IN HERE TO ENSURE THE SHIPMENT IS NOT HELD UP IN TRANSIT. (Ref Pic - 2)


  • If you don't have the Label-up you can substitute a large Zip-loc bag.
  • You can use some duct tapes to strengthen the corners and the edges and also to ensure that the top flap firmly closes onto the box.
  • Use lashing straps to properly strap and secure the box.
  • Take a few more pics of the box before it is deposited with the courier company.
  • You can either drop off the item personally at the Courier Center or call up the Courier Companies helpline number and schedule a pick-up at their convenience.