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Biktrix Riding Checklist


  1. Fastener Check

    Check all important bolts and fasteners before riding. This includes:


Stem bolts

Quick release

Brake caliper bolts

Seat post clamp

Crank bolts

Fender bolts


  1. Check brakes

    • Pull the front and rear brake levers and confirm the braking power

    • Spin the front and back wheels to check that they spin freefly and the brake rotors are not rubbing on the pads

  2. Check tire pressure

    • Ensure that tire pressure is with the guidelines printed on the sidewall of the tire

  3. Check chain/drivetrain

    • Make sure that the chain is lubricated with a chain lube and clean of debris

    • Shift through the gears to check that the derailleur is adjusted properly

  4. Check battery charge

    • Use the bike’s display to check how much charge your battery has in order to not be left without motor assist unexpectedly

Post Ride

  1. Check the bike over for any missing parts.

  2. Clean the bike of dirt and debris.

  3. Dry the bike if ridden in the rain, including the chain and cassette.

  4. Remove your battery from the bike, and charge it at room temperature.