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Cell Phone Mount

The Cell Phone Mount will come with all of the parts and tools necessary to install it. These are:
  1. 2 x M5 Bolts
  2. Grip Stickers
  3. 4mm Allen Key
  4. Cell Phone Mount

Step 1

  1. Apply the long and narrow Grip-Stickers to the inner face of the circular C - shaped clamps that secure the cell phone mount to the handlebars.  
  2. Loosen and remove both of the bolts holding the clamping end of the Cell Phone Mount together

Step 2

  1. Line up the cell Phone Mount where you want to attach it on your handlebars.
  2. Insert both bolts into the corresponding holes. Then tighten with the included 4mm Allen Key.  
  3. Tighten the two bolts gradually moving between each bolt back and forth until the Cell Phone Mount is adequately secured to the handlebars.

Step 3

Make any additional changes to the Cell Phone Mount's mounting, angling and width with the knobs pointed to in the image here.

You may also want to put additional Grip Stickers on the inside face of the Cell Phone Mount to further secure your Cell Phone into the mount.