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The 2-Bike Hitch Rack will allow you to hold and transport 2 bikes on the hitch of your car, truck or SUV.

Consult the following guide for instructions on how to install this rack on your vehicle! For assembly instructions for the rack please consult the booklet contained in the box with the rack. This can also be found attached at the end of this guide.

Here is a video from a 3rd party reviewer outlining operation of this bike carrier

Step 1 - Ensure Compatibility

Ensuring you have the correct hitch receiver installed on your vehicle is the first step. The first thing you need to do is ensure your vehicle has a hitch receiver. It will be a square-shaped mount as seen below attached at the rear of your vehicle.

If your vehicle does not have a hitch receiver you may be able to have one installed by a local mechanic.

Once you find the hitch receiver you need to ensure that it is the correct size. This rack offered by Biktrix only works with 2" Hitch receivers. Verify that your receiver is 2" across with a measuring device before placing your order!

Step 2 - Assembly Rack

Follow the instructions included with the rack to assemble it! If you have lost or misplaced these instructions they are also attached to this step!

2-Bike Hitch Rack Assembly Manual.pdf
2.5 MB

Step 3 - Attach to your vehicle

Pick up the rack and insert it into the hitch receiver. Once the rack is inserted into the hitch receiver you will want to line up the holes on the receiver and the rack as illustrated in the image here.

With the holes lined up, insert the hitch bolt into the hole along with the washers. Tighten this bolt with a wrench. When tightened then you can insert the cotter pin into the other end of the bolt to fully secure the bolt into place.

Step 4 - Load your bikes

Before loading your bikes onto the rack please remove the following items:

  • Battery/Batteries

  • Front Fender

  • Basket (if installed)

Consult the image above to see how the bikes should be positioned on the rack - this image is also in the manual.

Once you have the bikes loaded up onto the rack and properly tightened firmly push and pull on the rack and bikes to ensure everything is firmly attached and secured. If they are bouncing too much you may want to further secure the bikes or rack with some straps and cords.