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Tech Terms

There are a lot of technical terms when it comes to eBike batteries. Let's explain some of these!


The voltage of your battery represents how much raw power it can put out - like when looking at a car's horsepower rating! It can be thought of as the electrical "pressure" available to push electrons out to the motor! 

A higher voltage will provide more power for the motor which will result in a higher top speed.

Biktrix offers bike and battery systems with 3 different voltages
  • 36V
  • 48V
  • 52V


The Amp-Hours of a battery is a measure of the capacity of the battery - how much power it can provide to you! In general, a higher amount of Amp-Hours will provide you with more range!

You may not need the largest amount of amp-hours possible - get the amount for your range of riding! For example, if you are only looking to ride 40km in a day you may not need a maxed out 38Ah capacity setup.


For eBikes, the term Watts is used to describe motor power and is not applicable to batteries.


Watt-Hours is a term that combines both the voltage of the battery and the Amp-Hours into one term. It is calculated by the following:

Watt Hours = Battery Voltage x Battery Amp-Hours

This can be used at a glance to easily determine the full power and capacity of the battery!


The battery BMS - Battery Management System is the "brains" of the battery and ensures charging happens properly, cells are balanced and that the battery doesn't become overcharged OR undercharged.